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The 56 minute documentary Unlocking the Heart of Adoption bridges the gap between birth and adoptive families
through diverse personal stories of adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents in same race and transracial
adoptions interwoven with the filmmaker's story as a birthmother revealing the enormous complexities
in their lives with fascinating historical background.

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Comments from Public Television Viewers

"Unlocking the Heart of Adoption gives the viewer an intimate understanding of adoption as a lifelong process
and its impact on all members of the adoption triad.  A wonderful teaching documentary
recommended for individual and group viewing or discussion group."

Richard Fischer, Editor, Adoption Today
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"Thank you for creating such a masterpiece - Unlocking the Heart of Adoption. I want to share my gratitude for having the privilege to view your work at a time when I needed some validation and normalcy for my adoptive parenting journey.  Because of your movie, I was able to process some feelings that had not been resolved.  Particularly when Jody made comments about how her love for her adoptive mother grew as she was able to go down the road of inquiry and discovery of her adoption together.  As an adoptive mother, I am always working on myself at being present, in the here and now, with my son as he discovers more about himself and processes his thoughts and feelings about adoption in his life, in our life together as a loving family.  I highly recommend your film to all those connected with the adoption process."
Elizabeth Arkin, MA, Life Coach
"I found the film to be so compelling and well done, as well as a fantastic training tool for our families. I had been looking for something that touched on all 3 parts of the triad which would be also relevant for our foster families, as well as something that brought to light the issues of transracial adoption. I believe that the film has a lot to offer our families, so I am asking our Executive Director to purchase the film for training!"
Jill Rosenberg
Adoption Program Coordinator
Inner Circle Foster Care and Adoption Services
"I work for a public television station in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Yesterday we aired Sheila's
film and the success and positive feedback was phenomenal!  We received TONS of calls from viewers during the program who commented and asked questions of our panel of 2 different adoption agencies. One viewer even recognized one of the panelists as the woman who reunited her with her birth child and called in to thank her.
It was extremely touching. Sheila is an amazing woman and I want to express my gratitude to her for her work on the film."

Kim Brummel
WGVU Underwriting
"My husband and I stumbled upon the film last night and sat riveted for its entirety. We have 3 internationally adopted children who were 4, 5 and 12 years old when we adopted them. Finding their birth mothers will be next to impossible, but your film gave us the desire to try again. Every once in a while we will see glimpses of their pain, from a void that we can never fill. We used to believe that our love would overcome all, but in recent years we've come to understand that we can love them deeply, but their sense of identity is so intricately woven from the womb. Thank you for helping all of us dealing with adoption issues to have better understanding and not feel so alone."
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