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Unlocking the Heart of Adoption
Running time: 56:40 minutes
Available on DVD with Closed Captioning

Unlocking the Heart of Adoption is on the Title IV-E List of Recommended Child Welfare Films

Individuals for Home Use Only –  DVD $24.95

Adoption Agencies / Professionals – DVD & Discussion Guide $160.00 plus $15 shipping & handling

Colleges / Universities – DVD & Discussion Guide $250.00 plus $15 shipping & handling

Public High Schools / Public Libraries – DVD & Discussion Guide $99.00 plus $15 shipping & handling

Adoption Training Curriculum for Foster & Adoption Agencies – $79.00 includes shipping & handling
Understanding Loss and Identity Issues for Foster and Prospective Adoptive Parents
This Two hour Curriculum accompanies the film.
Part of The Dynamics of Shared Parenting In-service Training Series with the Child Welfare Institute

Lifelong Process of Adoption represents core issues that are important to address in the foster and adopted child’s life.  Recognizing the complexities of the life situation of adoptees – every adopted person has two families, one by birth and one by adoption – the Lifelong Process of Adoption emphasizes acknowledgement of the losses and questions of identity that will surface over time, rather than denial that these issues exist.

The Curriculum includes an Introduction, 25 page Leader’s Guide, Overheads and Handouts for the participants. Within the Lifelong Process of Adoption framework, foster and prospective adoptive parents work to understand the issues surrounding loss and identity for themselves, as well as for foster and adopted children, and birthparents.  This is seen within the context of bridging the gap between foster and adoption triad members, as they become aware of the commonalty of their experiences.  This allows for healing around these issues.

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Who should use Unlocking the Heart of Adoption:

Adoption agencies – preliminary, post adoption and foster care services, staff training
Educational institutions – social work, psychology, sociology, family relations, ethnic studies, women’s studies, family law
Professional organizations – social work, child welfare, psychology, family and individual counseling, family law
Library resources – hospitals, pregnancy clinics, infertility clinics

Sample Discussion Questions

Please take a few minutes to reflect on the people you have seen in the film. What is your immediate impression of their concerns about the adoption experience?   How did these stories expand or change your knowledge of adoption?  If you have a relative, or friend who is in the adoption triad, do these stories help you to understand them better?

The people in the film candidly reveal their feelings about loss, identity, self-esteem, ethnicity and the need to know the truth.  How do you see these issues reflected in their stories?

If you are an adoptee, birthparent, or adoptive parent can you relate to any of these issues through your personal experiences?  Adoption happens to families, not just to individuals.  Do these stories help you understand your birth or adoptive family members better?  Do you think the film will give you a better basis for communication with your birth and/or adoptive family members?  Are there others you hope will see the film?

If you are thinking of adopting a child, or considering relinquishing your child for adoption, do the people in the film give you insight into the lifelong process of adoption?

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